Fusing the worlds of conceptual design and traditional goldsmithing, Shimell and Madden combine structural patterns in recycled 18ct gold with unusual gemstones to create bold and distinctive fine jewellery. 

Inspired by the universal and timeless language of geometry they create modernist pieces that have a sense of the ancient. British made, they create their collections and bespoke pieces in their London studio.

Shimell and Madden is the jewellery partnership of friends Luke Shimell and Emma Madden. They started working alongside each other as goldsmiths in a little jewellers in Devon around 2005. Luke then moved London on to work as a diamond mounter in Mayfair London.  Here he gained extensive knowledge in goldsmithing and working on high-end jewellery pieces.  Emma studied Three-dimensional design – metalwork at UCA, Farnham and went on to complete a jewellery residency at Bishopsland.

In 2010 they established Shimell and Madden, where they wanted combine their making skills and design knowledge to create traditionally handmade, contemporary pieces of fine jewellery. They both have a keen interest in mathematics and science, and this has the biggest impact on their work. 

“Resolutely modernist, their work is abstract and linear, yet alive with rhythmic energy, resonating with the dignity of ancient architecture and the purity of classical geometry.”

Vivienne Becker
Financial Times How to Spend it


Shimell and Madden are responsible for their entire making process with their London workshop and they can guarantee that they maintain a very high standard of working practice and environment within their studio. They have always been and will always be transparent with their customers, it is one of their main priorities to be able to explain the material content of their jewellery and the traceability of the gemstones, honesty is at the core of their practise. This allows them to give their clients the choice, where some things can be 100% traced to the mine, recycled where origins are unknown, or from a selection of gemstones from their suppliers that are small family run businesses.  As registered Fairtrade Goldsmiths’ they are able to give option of fair-mined or recycled gold, and they work on many bespoke projects where they reuse the existing precious metal and/or gemstones.  

They feel a responsibility within their business to be as sustainable as possible in all areas. Some examples of this are that they only using recyclable postage packaging, using an advanced recycling system in their studio and everything shipped with DHL uses the GoGreen climate service.

Shimell and Madden is an ongoing process and they continuously check into each area of their business and find out if there are new options available to allow them to improve.