Ocean Diamonds: Ethical Sourcing

Ocean Diamonds are responsibly sourced marine diamonds. These diamonds are obtained from the seabed with minimal environmental impact. There is a short and fully traceable supply chain from diver to delivery.

This new category of earth-made diamonds are found by specially trained divers on the seabed off the coast of South Africa. They are sourced in compliance with strict environmental regulations and responsible practices, and completely traceable to origin. The Ocean Diamonds operation minimises the disturbance of marine ecosystems and has a great reduction the carbon footprint when compared to alternative mining activities. The disruption to the sea bed is unnoticeable once the tidal current has passed through.

Choosing an Ocean Diamond offers several ethical benefits. These diamonds are certified as conflict-free, meaning they do not contribute to funding conflicts or human rights abuses. Ocean Diamonds contribute to environmental sustainability. Their responsible sourcing methods aim to minimise the negative impact on the environment. The divers have extensive knowledge of the ocean so they know exactly where to discover the diamonds and they can avoid unnecessary disturbance to the seabed, bringing the diamonds to the surface with minimal trace

By opting for an Ocean Diamond, you can have confidence that you are supporting fair labour practices and social development in the communities where the diamonds are sourced. Ocean Diamonds work with local diamond divers, diamond sorters, cutters and polishers in South Africa who work in the industry by choice and are fairly paid. 

Ocean Diamonds are leading the way for complete transparency and traceability. It has been impossible up until now to be able to give provenance to a range of sizes of diamonds. Ocean diamonds are able to provide a certificate of origin and assurance the diamond has been safely procured by professional diamond divers.

We feel these are the most environmentally friendly and ethical offering of earth-made diamonds on the market today and are very happy to be able to use them within our pieces.