We don't have a shop but our studio showroom in London is open by appointment - to book into see us click here. We are able to show a selection of jewellery and samples, and you'll also get to see where the magic happens!

The making of a bespoke piece takes around 9-11 weeks. Prior to this we may need time to source gemstones and create designs for you, which can take 1-2 weeks.

We will provide you with designs specific to your brief with no obligation or charge. It is only when you are happy with a design and/or selected gemstone that we would ask for the 50% deposit payment to begin making.

We only use certified recycled gold as standard. This means gold content is certified as not newly mined and is recycled in a closed loop refining process. Other minerals used with the alloy are guaranteed 'conflict free'. Our bullion dealers are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and can ensure that the precious metals we use are produced in a socially correct as well as ethically environmentally sound manner. As registered Fair Trade jewellers we can also make jewellery with FairTrade gold on request, more about this material here.

Our jewellery is made in 18ct gold as this is the best material for the hand-making processes we use, and has the best longevity of all the gold carats. The 18ct alloy is 75% gold, which retains the noble quality of the metal. It allows for it to be malleable enough to create our pieces and strong enough for the delicate elements. This content of gold in the alloy also makes it very low tarnish. We can sometimes use other carats of gold depending on the piece, and also reuse your own gold.

We work with trusted and accredited suppliers who source gemstones from all over the world. They are all small companies sourcing limited numbers of interesting gemstones. The most ethical gemstones we use can be traced back to the mine and we can also source recycled gemstones and diamonds. 

Yes we are very experienced in reusing precious materials. If your precious metal has a UK hallmark then we can let you know whether it would need to be realloyed or we can reuse it as it is.  If there is not a mark we may need to perform a test on the metal to make sure we can use it. 

We can reuse most gemstones and if it is showing its age or wear then we are able to get it recut to bring it back to life.  It is useful to know the carat and weight of the metal along and the approximate size of your gemstone/s. Find more about this process here.

Our white natural diamonds over 0.30ct come with a GIA certificate. GIA is the world's leading diamond grading laboratory. Every diamond we use whatever size is 'conflict free' as our highly reputable dealers all adhere to the Kimberley Process Scheme. We can also offer Canadian diamonds, Ocean diamonds (which have a certificate of provenance) found by divers and lab-grown diamonds. 

Sapphire is the number one choice for a coloured gemstone for an engagement ring.  It is a hard and durable material and naturally occurs in a huge variety of colours. If you would like advice on gemstones please do get in touch.

If you don't know your size then we recommend visiting a professional jeweller to get your finger measured, if you are unable to do that then let us know. If you are presenting a ring as a surprise we have a few ways of figuring an approximate size out, just pop an email to emma@shimellandmaddden.com and we can give you some advice. 

Yes, our rings can be resized after purchase. We offer complimentary sizing for up to a year after purchase if you are based in the UK. The price for sizing after a year starts at £50.

Yes we ship internationally for free.  If there is a restriction on your location at the checkout please get in touch - emma@shimellandmadden.com

No, we cover the cost of the shipping plus any import taxes and duties, so there are no surprise charges when receiving our pieces.

We have three finishes for our jewellery, heavily textured, satin and polished.  These can be applied to all our jewellery pieces.  Depending on the pieces there may be a slight additional charge for a highly polished finish as this takes longer to achieve.

We are able to provide valuations on jewellery pieces that we have made. Seek a professional valuer for existing pieces.

Please see our Aftercare and cleaning page here.

Our jewellery comes in a beautiful luxury black box with black velvety lining with our orange logo on. Please see it here.

For shipped items the jewellery box is safely secured inside an outer box and then the DHL box, all the postal packaging and filling is fully recyclable. 

We can also provide some incognito labelling if the item is a surprise.

Please read that here.

We do not charge any extra for making or the service of a bespoke piece.  Every consultation whether at our studio or virtually is complimentary along with any designs that we draw up for you.  We offer 2 gemstone sourcing searches if needed, for any additional searches we ask for an £80 deposit, which will then be subtracted from your order.

Our jewellery is hallmarked in accordance with UK law. Every piece is tested and marked with the carat of gold or type precious metal.  The assay also includes out makers mark, the London assay office leopard head, and the letter date for the year it was made.

We can create any of our pieces in 18ct white gold (other than existing one-of-a-kinds). 18ct white gold can either be left in its natural warm grey colour or you can have it white rhodium plated. 
Platinum and palladium are too malleable and bendy for most of our delicate designs, we can either advise on a heavier style or thicker wire used in some cases. All these white metals are fine for wider wedding band styles and we can quote accordingly.

We take payment by bank transfer, card machine at our studio or Paypal. For any order over £9000 we ask for a bank transfer.