From mineral to method we have always been very mindful of the way we work and where we source our materials from.

We are the opposite of mass-manufacture and fast fashion. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind and we only produce a small number of multiples. Our pieces take time to handcraft and are made to last generations.  There's no surplus or waste as almost everything is made to order. The entire making process happens within our London studio. Our small scale production allows us to maintain a high standard of working environment which upholds our values of fairness and equality.

Precious metals are magical materials. Malleable enough to be formed into jewellery when softened by heat, and tough enough to last generations once work hardened through the process of goldsmithing. Gold and platinum can also be recycled and refined over and over again without diminishing their noble qualities.

We use certified recycled gold as standard in our jewellery. This means the gold content is not newly mined and is recycled in a closed loop refining process. Our bullion dealers are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and can ensure that the precious metals we use are produced in a socially correct as well as ethically environmentally sound manner.

As registered Fairtrade Goldsmiths’ we can offer Fairtrade gold in our jewellery. Fairtrade Gold is sourced exclusively from mines which meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard; an internationally recognised marker of best-practice, find out more about it here.

All metal used with our workshop is collected, refined or reused.  We can also recycle your own precious metal to make a new piece, find out more about that here.

Every diamond is guaranteed conflict free as our suppliers trade under the Kimberley Process agreement.  This means that the diamonds from rough to cut are audited to make sure they are not sourced from areas of conflict.

We use the global leading laboratory in diamond grading, GIA, for all our certified natural diamonds.

We also offer Canadian diamonds which are traceable to mine. We are big advocates of Ocean diamonds which are supplied with a certificate of provenance and are procured by specially trained divers off the coast of South Africa.

These two options more limited in terms of availabilty of diamonds, but they are the most ethical and sustainable choice.

Chemically identical to naturally occuring stones, Lab-grown diamonds are another option we can source.

The world of coloured gemstones from the mining to the cutting is constantly changing and bettering, both in working practises and traceability. We are continually gathering up-to-date knowledge and contacts as the new supply chains develop.

Through our varied partners we are able to give our clients a choice of gemstone and its provenance. Some gemstones can be 100% traced to the mine, others are recycled from older pieces, or supplied by their accredited gemstone dealers based in the UK, Denmark, USA, Australia and Germany. We trust these suppliers to only source from other small companies or artisanal mines and cutters that uphold the same high standards.

We use recyclable postage packaging and filling. Within the studio we have an advanced recycling system for all waste materials.  Every order is shipped with DHL using the GoGreen climate service, which offsets its carbon footprint.