Design duo Shimell and Madden is definitely a name to watch. Luke Shimell trained as a goldsmith and diamond-mounter, and Emma Madden studied metalworking and 3D design. Both are resolutely modernist, and their work is abstract and linear, yet alive with rhythmic energy, resonating with the dignity of ancient architecture and the purity of classical mathematics. The rings, brooches and earrings in their debut precious collection are complex openwork structures in heavily textured 18ct gold and achieved by cutting the surface with tiny diamonds Large, perfectly proportioned stones have been specially cut in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, in the shape of a perfect prism (a "mirror cut"), creating an internal refraction that mirrors or magnifies what lies behind it Madden says she builds the designs by hand-constructing 3D models, so that the jewel gathers its own momentum. "I've always been fascinated by science and quantum physics," she explains, "and we've both always been oriented towards geometry, symmetry, primal shapes and complex structures. We've just accidentally crossed paths with something on-trend right now!