In the realm of jewellery design, there exists a myriad of styles that have coined their own name and unique aesthetics. Among these, two particularly favoured styles currently are the halo and target ring designs. Each distinctive in its own right, these styles have garnered widespread admiration among jewellery enthusiasts and in the engagement ring field alike.

Halo Rings: A Glimmering Aura of Elegance

The halo ring is characterised by a central gemstone encircled by a series of smaller accent stones. This design creates a striking visual effect, amplifying the brilliance and sparkle of the centrepiece gemstone. The encircling of smaller stones, usually diamonds, serves to enhance the radiance of the central gemstone.

The origins of the Halo ring can be traced back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, a period identified by bold geometric shapes and intricate craftsmanship. However, it wasn’t until recent decades that the Halo style experienced a resurgence in popularity, propelled by its ability to evoke a sense of vintage glamour while maintaining a contemporary appeal.

Halo rings offer a versatile canvas for creativity, allowing for a multitude of design variations and gemstone combinations. Our modernist take on this ring style is our Atmos Rings. A simplified version of our structural style, the bezel-set central gemstone has a halo of 1mm white diamonds, all brilliantly cut, which are held by four ‘beads’ on each individual stone. We have created a very robust adaptation of this design, allowing it to be perfect for everyday wear, and with care, it will last generations.

Target Rings: Hitting the Mark with Bold Multiplicity

As a development from halo rings, target rings (or double halo) embrace the bold surround aesthetic but include additional concentric circles around the central gemstone. These circles can be set with more smaller gemstones, specially cut radiating gemstones, or metalwork detail. This defining design feature further amplifies the focal gemstone, making it an impactful statement ring.

With a rich historical tradition, target rings have long been exchanged as tokens of love, with each gemstone imbued with its own significance. Their appearance in Edwardian rings reflects the prevailing romantic sentiments of the era, evoking imagery such as the symbolic heart or the precise aim of Cupid’s arrow. In their earliest iterations, target rings were adorned with rubies alongside diamonds, symbolising passionate love, making them an ideal choice for expressing affection through jewellery.

Target rings offer versatility and adaptability, where you can specify the central gemstone and surround, making them an ideal choice for a unique engagement ring. Our contemporary version of this style is the Solar Ring, which features a round gemstone surrounded by a gold circle and then a circle of white diamonds. This modern version celebrates the circle and showcases our love of geometry and simple structure.

Our rings were featured in a Times article, which can be read here.

"All the big jewellers are now making target rings and independents too; my favourite is Shimell and Madden, which basically owns this style."

Jessica Diamond The Times