What is a Solitaire Style Engagement Ring?

What is a Solitaire Style Engagement Ring?
Among the multitude of engagement ring designs available, the solitaire engagement ring stands out as a timeless classic, revered for its elegance, simplicity, and enduring style.

Solitaire engagement rings have a rich history dating back centuries. The concept of the solitaire ring emerged during the Renaissance period in Europe, where it symbolised love and fidelity. The term "solitaire" itself derives from the French word "solitaire," meaning alone or solitary, emphasising the single dazzling gemstone at the ring's centre. Over time, solitaire rings gained prominence as an emblem of commitment and devotion, becoming a universally recognised symbol of engagement.

What sets solitaire engagement rings apart is their minimalist design, characterised by a single, prominently featured gemstone set on a simple band. The focal point of the ring is typically a diamond, renowned for its brilliance and durability, although other gemstones such as sapphires and rubies are also popular choices. The setting styles can vary, with the most common being the classic claw setting.

One of the enduring appeals of solitaire engagement rings lies in their timelessness. They transcend passing fads, making them a versatile choice that complements most personal styles.

We offer a selection of unique engagement rings that could be defined as solitaire style.

Among them, our Solo Ring stands out as the most minimal and delicate, closest to the classic solitaire style. Designed to sit low on the finger, it features a subtle seat for the gemstone and compass-style claws set in the cardinal directions: north, east, south, and west, ensuring both security and simplicity. Crafted with round wire, the Solo Ring exudes a soft shaping of the 18ct gold. There is the option to choose from a variety of diamond or sapphire shapes, though round and oval remain favourites.

Our Solo Split design is a slight variation of our beloved Solo ring. This design features a double band that elegantly cradles the setting, infusing the ring with a modern twist while offering the practical advantage of a wider band without sacrificing its delicacy. Ideal for larger central stones, the Solo Split accommodates various cuts of gemstones, though our personal favourites are the oval and marquise styles, adding a unique touch to the overall aesthetic.

Illustrated here is our Nova Ring design, featuring contemporary details and completely handcrafted. What makes it special is the harmonious echo between the shape of the gemstone and its setting surround. Encased within a secure bezel setting, the gemstone is fully protected. The Nova Ring features a double band that mirrors the unique setting detail, further enhancing its modern aesthetic. While the round shape remains the most popular, we have also created this design with octagonal and pear-shaped central gemstones named ’Super Nova’, making each iteration individual.

Our most decorative of all the solitaire styles are the rings from our Symmetry collection. They all feature variations of structural pattern-work around the central gemstone. From simple to complicated, this style is for someone wanting a little difference. These rings truly exude our love of mathematics and geometry while also giving the feeling of ancient architecture. The hand fabrication of these rings ensures that they are durable. We have created many bespoke variations of this style.

A softer version of our Symmetry style solitaire rings can be found in our Horizon Collection. Here, round wire is fabricated to create layered structure and detail while using the open compass setting. These can only be made with a round centre stone due to the complication of the construction of the setting surround. We have made many beautiful customised colourways of our Horizon Halo Ring.

For a voluminous take on a solitaire design, our Densissima Rings fit the bill. They are set in a heavy round frame of gold and sit on a heavy double band. The glistening facets of the gemstone pair beautifully with the satin finish of the gold. These can be made with different gemstone cuts, but our most popular so far is an oval. Sleek and modern, this ring is built to last.