London Design Biennale Medals : 2023

London Design Biennale Medals : 2023
London Design Biennale is a global stage for world-leading contemporary design and design-led innovation, creativity and research.

The London Design Biennale is a prestigious event that brings together designers, artists, and creatives from around the world to showcase innovative ideas and address global challenges through their work. The 2023 edition, titled "The Global Game: Remapping Collaborations," aimed to emphasise the importance of international collaboration in the realm of design and how it can contribute to finding universal solutions to shared global issues.

The event took place at Somerset House from June 1 to June 25, 2023. Somerset House, a historic building in London, provided a fitting and culturally rich venue for the exhibition and installations.
With over 40 exhibitors participating in the event, the London Design Biennale demonstrated a diverse range of perspectives and ideas. Through thought-provoking and interactive installations, the exhibitors showcased world-leading design that confronted various global challenges. The event served as a platform for inspiring audiences and sparking discussions on crucial issues that concern people across the globe.

We feel incredibly privileged to be continually commissioned to create these symbolic awards for the prestigious London Design Biennale. Working in our London studio, we meticulously hand construct each medal, this handmade process means that no two are alike. The symbolism the medal design holds special significance. The spherical design represents the interconnectedness of design groups from all corners of the globe, united through this event. It is here, in this vibrant and collaborative atmosphere, where ideas are freely shared, and together, we work towards solving global challenges through design.