The Wearer : Retailer Profile

The Wearer : Retailer Profile
We have forged a strong and meaningful partnership with our retailer, The Wearer, situated in the vibrant district of Islington, London. They proudly showcase and offer a curated selection of our jewellery pieces, allowing customers the stress-free experience of trying them on and making a purchase in-person.

One of the key aspects that we value in our relationships is ensuring that our stockists share the same ethical principles and outlook as we do. With The Wearer, we have found a perfect alignment in values, making our association even more meaningful. We take immense pride in seeing our jewellery displayed and represented by a business that shares our commitment to ethical practices and sustainability.

At The Wearer, they firmly believe in the transformative power of the right jewellery, recognising it as an expression of individuality, character, and mood. They understand that choosing jewellery goes beyond aesthetics, and they aim to guide customers towards a new approach to purchasing these adornments.

In response to the vanishing fast fashion culture of poorly made fashion jewellery, The Wearer seeks to offer a different path. They curate a selection of jewellery created by local artisans and small producers, ensuring transparency in production methods and the use of ethically sourced stones, conflict-free diamonds, and recycled components. The emphasis is on handcrafted pieces built to endure and cherished, intending to be passed down and treasured rather than discarded as landfill.

Most of the jewellery available at The Wearer is meticulously handcrafted by designers based in London, aligning with their commitment to minimising their carbon footprint. However, they also collaborate with designers who work with small producers internationally, providing customers with a diverse range of options that balance affordability and creativity.

The Wearer operates as a tiny two-person business, and both team members commute to work on bicycles, taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment. Additionally, they take environmental responsibility further by partnering with Ecologi to plant trees, striving to offset their minimal carbon footprint.

As a small business, The Wearer is fully committed to sustainability and ensures that their practices align with their values.

We together, strive to offer customers not just beautiful jewellery but also the assurance that every piece they choose has been crafted with utmost care, using ethically sourced materials, and promoting a positive impact on both the environment and the artisans involved. This shared vision allows us to bring our creations to a audience that appreciates the value of conscious and mindful choices.